Every function has an inverse in the trigonometry. This operation inverses the function, so the cotangent becomes inverse cotangent through this method. Then, the inverse cotangent is used khổng lồ evaluate the degree value of the angle in the triangle(right-angled) when the sides opposite to and adjacent to the angles are known.

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So each trigonometric function has an inverse. Below are the six trigonometric functions.


The inverse of these trigonometric functions are as follows:

inverse sine (or) arcsineinverse cosine (or) arccosinverse tangent (or) arctaninverse secant (or) arcsecinverse cosecant (or) arccscinverse cotangent (or) arccot

The inverse of Cotangent is also denoted as arccot or Cot-1.

The Formula for arccot is:

If in a triangle, the base of the angle A is 1 & the perpendicular side is √3.

So, cot-1 (1/√3) = A

cot A = 1/√3

cot A = cot 60°

A = 60°

Table values of arccot

The below table shows the values of arccot.

Solved Examples

Example 1: If x = cot-1(-√3/3), then what is the value of x?

Solution:Given,x = cot-1(-√3/3)We know that cot 2π/3 = -√3/3x = cot-1(cot 2π/3)Therefore, x = 2π/3 or x = 120°

Example 2: Find the value of A if A = cot-1(-1).

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Solution:Given,A = cot-1(-1)We know that cot 3π/4 = -1A = cot-1(cot 3π/4)Therefore, A = 3π/4 = 135°

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