What are you going to bởi vì to exceed the standards this quarter? Why does it matter lớn you?

I am going to exceed the standard this quarter by turning in a VP 1 but I am proud of since I was able to bởi it on my own & although I haven’t turned it in in a timely manner I hope that the chất lượng of the project will outshine that being able to lớn work on a VP by myself has been pretty enlightening lớn the process of engaging in every aspect of a VP. I feel like we don’t do enough solo projects in this class & being able to vày one on my own gives me a lot of insight into the aspects of a VP that I don’t usually engage with.

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What jumps out khổng lồ you in the rubric?

The fact that most of our points are within the evidence locker and not in the pitch which is unbalanced to lớn the amount of căng thẳng that goes along with the pitch compared to the evidence Locker.

Between now & Final Pitches, what traction steps do you need to lớn make?

it will honestly be just finishing touches. This will include sharpening up our final presentation and cleaning up our evidence Locker và working on our Learning Journey video.

Where could you use support?

Personally I could use tư vấn Plumbing Supply in this is a crazy thing okay so basically Chicago out there for one reason overnight in jail in Cook County no Boardwalk from here we walk directly over there line out the door speak

Traction Journal 7

May 17, 2021 dinhj3 Comments

What did you love this week?

Networking was really really nice. I felt very scared to break out of my shell which felt pretty strange, I’m usually a pretty outgoing sociable guy. However, the atmosphere set by the speakers was a tone of professionalism. It was also very interesting to meet the sea group. There’s a lot of insight in terms of Grants and being a non-profit. It is going to be pretty interesting to see where they go.

What resonated with you in workshops?

I honestly just really enjoyed being able khổng lồ listen to the E4’s give their presentations. They seem lớn have a lot of ease with the way they speak & they really understood their topics well I really enjoyed Gavin’s presentation on delirium because I feel lượt thích it does relate lớn the way that I see the world but it’s worded in a different way which was very interesting lớn take a look at. In terms of the networking event I really enjoyed listening khổng lồ Sofia because she was able to lớn give me some pretty valuable tools such as strengthsfinder 2.0. It was super interesting to lớn see where we could be in 4-5 years

How might you apply this week’s learnings to your venture?

With our pitch coming up và even sooner our dress rehearsal, I noted the presentation techniques used by the E4’s in order to give a clean sounding pitch / discussion. From my discussion with Sophia và using strengthsfinder, I just got the book, I can take what I’m learning & apply it lớn the venture. Strengthsfinder is super interesting because it takes all these traits, 34 of them, that people identify with & it condenses them down into a way that you can understand so you can identify with each of your strongest traits. By doing that you can start to see where you fit in with the rest of your venture. So if I’m strong with communication then I should focus on interviews and speaking with our client, Richard. But I need tư vấn with my analytical side so that’s where I would have khổng lồ use my communication skills first of all và then lean on other people with that analytical skill since it’s not an inherent trait that I have. It’s simply not a strength that I have.

What did you learn in shift and share- what did you love, what would you have loved to see?

I really love Sawyer’s presentation on financial health. I think it’s a very relevant subject especially nowadays as financial health is of the utmost importance in terms of our generation’s retirement. The amount of financial health is shrinking for our generation and there isn’t an urgency to correct the lack of financial literacy.

What does excellence look lượt thích for you & your team? What’s needed khổng lồ get from here lớn there?

Being able to lớn go over the branding guide with Richard, having him like it và maybe adopting it. I feel as though we have a good team synergy. We were able to lớn bond in person last week which was very nice because I got khổng lồ see everybody’s faces in person và conversate with them and not lớn a screen. Lớn be able to lớn get khổng lồ excellence, it is necessary to lớn take the workload off of our designers Morgan and Jacob in order for them khổng lồ design the website, the social media, and the logos lớn fit what Richard wants. In order khổng lồ maintain excellence, it is going to lớn be important to maintain our communication especially during the dress rehearsal and Pitch process.

These last few weeks before finals are definitely a bit tough on all of us. There is some solace in knowing that we are all suffering together.

Loved the amount of learning this week! Taking time lớn absorb information from the more experienced fellows, Tim Rockwell, and Nicole Burdick was really nice. Connecting & asking in-depth questions relating khổng lồ the edges of our own uncertainties in terms of financials, entrepreneurial mindset, & networking was nice to lớn participate in.

What resonated with you in workshops?

Tara’s presentation really resonated with me because the entrepreneurial mindset is slowly leaking into my life & improving mini parts of my day-to-day and holistic view và function of life. The way she described things, especially the Ecocycle really hit home as it helped me take an all encompassing view of not only the VP’s but with relationships and business.

How might you apply this week’s learnings to your venture?

I am going to lớn incorporate the entrepreneurial mindset và eco cycle to lớn better understand the Venture Projects and how we relate khổng lồ them. It was also very interesting to hear from Nicole as she has had a lot of experience with networking. While I did not mix up tương tác with our network, I can see how by simply knowin

How are you currently planning lớn serve your customer with your venture? Is there fit? If not, dive deep.

Bruno, Allie, Morgan, Jacob, and I are keeping in tương tác with Richard of mg architecture và giving updates about the logo, the website, và his general feelings and input towards our process và product. So far there has not been, informationally there have been some discrepancies informationally between meetings with Richard but on our latest update meeting with him we went deeper and got the the root of his own internal business mindset and we found that he is aligned more with simplicity and objectivity rather than “fluff” và extra text.

How might you apply this week’s learnings to lớn your venture?

Joli was an incredibly interesting person lớn meet and learn more about. I could feel she has an incredibly deep and rooted understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and engages with it in almost all aspects of her life, definitely at a subconscious level. It’s always a good reminder to really strive for & implement the process. Oh & it was really cool to look at the BIC’s & such for UbT


Also my Miro board looks pretty clean

I loved hearing all the pitches even without hearing about the process of any of them. Despite the fact that I am doing the VP1 by myself, it was nice to see a lot of different examples khổng lồ gain inspiration và have a more solidified understanding of VP1. In addition, gaining a deeper understanding of accessibility và how it relates to lớn businesses

What would you have loved to have achieved this week, what held you back? How might you overcome that?

I would have loved lớn join the class sooner but I will be able lớn not only hóa trang my work but turn in a VP1 I am passionate about. It is also really exciting to lớn be able to work on it by myself as I have more perspective going forward on where my strengths are. I think it would be helpful to bởi vì a mini version of vp1 for e2’s where we complete and pitch an idea by ourselves.

Please chia sẻ your personal experiences & the lessons you learned from completing VP1 this quarter? How may they help you have a successful and fulfilling VP2? How will you put that into action?

So far, I have learned the difficulty of working by myself on a project, but I do know now that background work, organization, và interviews are easy khổng lồ do and to vì well. Along with developing my communication, I plan to work in a manner that is most beneficial for my team.

What challenges are you facing? What’s Next?

A major challenge is completing VP1 và its reviews along with giving energy lớn current classwork. I plan khổng lồ shift into a 4th or 5th gear. I developed a singular statement I am going to utilize for the rest of the quarter. Develop & protect my work ethic in order lớn make space for travel và discovery in the summer.

An aspect of market research is, in my understanding, how a product, concept, consulting project relates to other products, concepts, & consulting projects. These would include substitutes, alternatives, and any sort of other competition, how YOUR business relates lớn the bigger picture. Secondary research includes explicit data describing the financial, và miscellaneous parts of your project.

How have you deepened your understanding of empathy and customer discovery?

By being in the process of actually connecting khổng lồ a business owner, the difficulty of resonating with a similar vision became more palpable. A business owner tends to be more resistant khổng lồ change due to lớn the risk involved. When we give feedback & things to lớn change in class it can be as simple as noting our shortcomings & accentuating our strengths. While the same is true for business owners, it includes noting where lớn spend time and resources as they are extremely tight especially in small businesses.

What resonated with you in Oscar Edward’s storytelling workshop?

Although I did not attend class, I watched the presentation on youtube. I was reminded of the importance of having these conversations and bringing attention khổng lồ the topic of race. Not only MENTIONING race but making sure it is a two-way conversation in which both or more parties feel heard in an empty, open space.

How did the prep for the E2/E4 exam go for you? (for E2s & E4s)

It went well! Although I did not attend class on that date, I did independent research và I found that we are really taking a moment to lớn dive deep into our understanding, application, and reviews of our knowledge by testing it with cool chocolate. I hope to lớn accentuate my creativity in relation to the company và find a chất lượng solution/information set.

How might you apply this week’s learnings lớn your venture?

By working khổng lồ incorporate research into the developing process for BIC’s and test cards, I hope khổng lồ create BIC’s và test cards that are more accurate khổng lồ the market & general vibe of customers.

Interview I am proud of, look how much info there is!

4/18How vị you plan to lớn be curious about developing empathy with your customer?

An aspect that I have been focused on is that part of the root of the issue when developing empathy with customers is creating assumptions of the customers needs. There are many ways to help eliminate these assumptions & create a space for the customer to lớn fully express themselves & for us as entrepreneurs to lớn get khổng lồ the root of the issue. These include JTBD statements, interviews, reviewing relevant information, và team meetings to solidify our stance & energy on specific issues related lớn the customer’s needs.

How bởi you plan on responding lớn the needs of your customer?

By actively engaging with the methods above, these methods will aid in connecting và fulfilling the needs of the customer. More specifically however, interviews & any direct contact with the customer should & will be held in the highest regard as it is information that is connected with the source. Drawing connections, planning, assessing, and reviewing the information provided will be useful, but it is within tương tác in which we can see how solutions, suggestions, or even the customers own đầu vào is received & given by both ends.

How might you apply this week’s learnings khổng lồ your venture?

A large part of this past week has been focus on creativity, while a large part of entrepreneurship is organizing, analyzing, và connecting information. The creative aspect is necessary and both sides work with each other in a synergetic và transcendent way when given the energy và space lớn flow. By giving this project and each other space khổng lồ give creative solutions and ideas to lớn the customer, it is a way of transcending what would just be a solution lớn help with the analytical business side of a customer’s concerns.

culture of belonging

before I had the chance khổng lồ read the culture of belonging statement, I believe everyone does have an inherent value và certain environments and connections và synergy within groups brings out the best traits in people due lớn a diversity of issues. So seeing the written statement, which is representing an idea i hold v dearly written v clearly it was refreshing lớn see

preparing for success

i am preparing for success this quarter by throwing myself into more and more challenging situations. Despite the definite possibility of failure i plan khổng lồ use what i already know và adapt to these new challenges.

e-level journey

i want khổng lồ see how experiences in my past relating to lớn the minor would have had a different outcome based on what i learn in the course. I am going to work to lớn not only keep up but put in what is necessary for my success. I plan lớn have a look at what the rest of the program will provide for me

this week’s learnings in venture

it is interesting lớn see how groups work towards a common goal and being able lớn already have discussions to lớn come towards a finalized idea is nice khổng lồ see. I also enjoy seeing different ways the information that is discussed is organized.

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