WHERE DID NOAH PARK THE ARK?Ancient Memory Techniques for Remembering Practically Anything 

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How many times have you seen a familiar face but just couldn’t recall the person’s name? How often have you forgotten your best friend’s birthday, or your boss’s spouse’s name, or where you left the keys? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a mix of simple techniques that would help you khổng lồ remember these things—and everything else important in your life—without having to write them down?


Enter Eran Katz, renowned international memory trainer, international bestselling author, và Guinness Record holder in memory stunts with his unique, entertaining, and prescriptive new book, WHERE DID NOAH PARK THE ARK?: Ancient Memory Techniques for Remembering Practically Anything (Three Rivers Press Original, October 19, 2010).A strong memory can be a major asset to lớn everything from building a career to lớn studying for a major exam. On the other hand, forgetting an important phone number or missing a key appointment can be a huge setback and an embarrassing faux pas. We all find excuses for these slipups—such as old age, genetics, or simply a “bad memory”—and assume there is nothing we can vày to improve our recall. Not true, says Katz: There is no such thing as a bad memory, & these excuses have nothing to bởi vì with our ability khổng lồ remember everything from a grocery các mục to a foreign language. 


For the first time in a commercial book, Katz mixes ancient Jewish memory techniques with the secrets of the memory masters to lớn present an easy, fun, và comprehensive approach to improving your memory. After mastering Katz’s 7 đứng top tips for remembering names and faces, you will never again have difficulty remembering Sarah’s phone number, or for that matter, which girl at the buổi tiệc ngọt Sarah was. Katz also presents:

ü Quick quizzes to demo your memory

ü Tips lớn remember every thắng lợi on your grocery list—without writing them down

ü Great tricks for acing a big exam

ü Multiple techniques for remembering people such as the JFK method & the nickname method

ü Secrets to giving a commanding speech without notes

ü Tricks lớn impress partygoers with your stellar memory

In WHERE DID NOAH PARK THE ARK? Katz draws upon ancient traditions valued by the Greeks and Romans và supplements them with cutting-edge new techniques he’s acquired from years of studying và researching memory. With entertaining and illuminating challenges, which build in difficulty throughout the book, he ensures a significant improvement in memory by the final page.

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Katz believes that memory is the most important tool we possess & that we need lớn invest, train, và nurture it, which is why he has crafted these foolproof ways khổng lồ shore up your recall và guarantee your memory is capable of performing for the long haul. 


Whether you hope to lớn better remember names at any social event, learn better studying techniques, easily remember daily tasks và items on your to-do list, or stand in front of an audience and deliver powerful presentations from memory, WHERE DID NOAH PARK THE ARK? will help you achieve all of your goals while boosting your memory power.  

About the Author:

ERAN KATZ, international memory trainer & a Guinness Record holder in memory stunts is the bestselling author of Secrets of a Super Memory and Jerome Becomes a Genius: The Jewish Way to Brain power nguồn (neither of which has ever been published in the United States). Katz is a popular guest on television và radio shows và has delivered more than 1,800 lectures and seminars to over 400,000 participants in hundreds of leading multinational companies & organizations, including Motorola, HP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, General Electric, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Avis, the International Brain Education association, the government of Singapore, & many more.



Ancient Memory Techniques for Remembering Practically Anything

By Eran Katz

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