After a disastrous first month in office, many people are beginning to lớn wonder if the new president is up to (= able to do) the job.

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Nâng cao vốn từ bỏ vựng của khách hàng với English Vocabulary in Use từọc những từ chúng ta cần giao tiếp một giải pháp tự tin.

UK informal Will you be able khổng lồ carry all the shopping back trang chủ on your bike, or will it have lớn be a car job (= will you need the car)?
< + khổng lồ infinitive > She believed her job as a politician was lớn represent the views of her các buổi party and the people who voted for her.
a crime in which money or goods are stolen, or an kích hoạt or activity that is dishonest or unpleasant:
US He really did a job on her, telling her that he would always love her & then moving lớn Fiji with someone else.
< + lớn infinitive > I know it’s not my job lớn tell you how to run your life, but I vì think you’ve made a mistake.
create/cut/shed jobs The government is creating new job opportunities for mothers returning lớn the workplace.
used for telling someone that they will never be successful with something they are trying lớn do & should keep doing their real job instead
Labour sharply criticized the board"s appointment of the former trade minister as an example of jobs for the boys.

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used for telling someone that you cannot bởi something because you would thua thảm your job if someone discovered you had done it:
Union members threatened to lớn walk off the job unless their employer agreed to stop hiring work out to contractors.



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