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Kasim Reed was the Mayor of Atlanta in Georgia. Reed assumed office in 2010. Reed left office in 2018.

Reed ran for election for Mayor of Atlanta in Georgia. Reed lost in the general election on November 2, 2021.

Before becoming mayor, Reed served in the Georgia State Senate, representing District 35 from 2002 khổng lồ 2010, and in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1998 khổng lồ 2002.<1>


Reed was born on June 10, 1969, in Plainfield, New Jersey.<2> He received a bachelor"s degree in political science & a law degree from Howard University in 1991 & 1995, respectively. Upon graduating from law school, Reed began lớn work as an attorney with Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP before eventually becoming a partner at Holland và Knight LLP.<3><4><5>


Below is an abbreviated outline of Reed"s academic, professional, and political career:<1><6>

1995: Earned his J.D. From Howard University1991: Earned his B.A. From Howard University



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General runoff election
General runoff election for Mayor of Atlanta

Andre Dickens defeated Felicia Moore in the general runoff election for Mayor of Atlanta on November 30, 2021.


Andre Dickens (Nonpartisan)

Felicia Moore (Nonpartisan)

There were no incumbents in this race. Source

Total votes: 78,643
= candidate completed the Candidate Connection survey.

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General election
General election for Mayor of Atlanta

The following candidates ran in the general election for Mayor of Atlanta on November 2, 2021.


Felicia Moore (Nonpartisan)

Andre Dickens (Nonpartisan)
Kasim Reed (Nonpartisan)
Sharon Gay (Nonpartisan)
Antonio Brown (Nonpartisan) 
Kenneth Darnell Hill (Nonpartisan)
Rebecca King (Nonpartisan)
Mark Hammad (Nonpartisan) 
Kirsten Dunn (Nonpartisan)
Walter Reeves (Nonpartisan)
Glenn Wrightson (Nonpartisan)
Richard Wright (Nonpartisan)
Nolan English (Nonpartisan) 
Roosevelt Searles III (Nonpartisan)
Brandon Adkins (Nonpartisan) (Write-in)
Henry Anderson (Nonpartisan) (Write-in)

There were no incumbents in this race. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3

Total votes: 96,158
= candidate completed the Candidate Connection survey.

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Candidate profile

Kasim Reed

Incumbent: No

Political Office: 

Atlanta Mayor (2010-2018)Georgia State Senate (2002-2010)Georgia House of Representatives (1998-2002)

Biography:  Reed received a bachelor"s degree in political science và a law degree from Howard University in 1991 và 1995, respectively. Upon graduating from law school, Reed began to work as an attorney with Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP before eventually becoming a partner at Holland & Knight LLP.


Key Messages

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Reed called crime & public safety his đứng đầu priority and said he had the experience to lower crime rates, saying, "uring my eight years ... The city"s crime rate was at a 40-year low and the đô thị employed 2,000 sworn police officers."

Reed compared his mayoral tenure following the Great Recession lớn the difficulties surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, saying, "I am running again because I love Atlanta và am committed khổng lồ doing everything I can to make Atlanta safe và put our city on the right track."

Reed highlighted his experience with the city budget saying, during his previous terms as mayor, the đô thị created or retained 40,000 jobs, created a $200 million surplus, và removed a $52 million deficit. 

Show sources

Sources:Atlanta Civic Circle, "Kasim Reed," accessed Oct. 4, 2021, YouTube, "Atlanta Can"t Wait," Sept. 10, 2021, Kasim Reed"s chiến dịch website, "Home," accessed Oct. 4, 2021; Georgia General Assembly, "Senator Kasim Reed (D-SS 35)," accessed Oct. 4, 2021, LinkedIn, "Kasim Reed," accessed Oct. 4, 2021, The University of Chicago, "Kasim Reed," accessed Oct. 4, 2021

This information was current as of the candidate's run for Mayor of Atlanta in 2021

Campaign themes

2021 survey responses

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Kasim Reed did not complete"s 2021 Candidate Connection survey.

Campaign website

Reed"s chiến dịch website stated the following:

Safe và Prosperous AtlantaCrime is the number one crisis facing our city. Right now, in every neighborhood across our city, Atlantans feel less safe. Crime impacts our personal & collective quality of life và the city’s reputation, creating a vicious cycle that undermines everything that makes our city vibrant. The fundamental truth is that until Atlanta feels safe again, nothing else will feel right.

Public safety reform starts at the top. During Kasim’s eight years as Mayor, the city’s crime rate was at 40-year lows và the đô thị employed 2,000 sworn police officers, the largest force in the city’s history. Only Kasim can talk about proven results, because only Kasim has already shown us we can have a safer city, and how. Here are the vi xử lý core elements of Kasim’s plan to make every neighborhood safe:

Hire & properly train 750 new APD officers so that we have a fully functional force, và coverage throughout the city.Provide all – new và existing – officers with implicit bias và de-escalation training.Keep the Atlanta thành phố jail mở cửa to eliminate the overcrowding in the Fulton County jail, và shut down the revolving door for repeat violent criminals.Work with state and county leaders lớn hire new judges to lớn eliminate the huge prosecution backlog caused by COVID-shutdowns.Establish weekly cabinet meetings to reviews crime data & implement solutions across departments.Upgrade precinct locations và facilities & replace outdated equipment.Expand Atlanta’s Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (PAD), a program created during Mayor Reed’s first term, & reopen the Centers of Hope recreation centers khổng lồ get kids off the streets safely.Triple the city’s network of traffic cameras và license plate readers, including adding safety surveillance lớn public parks.Revamp APD Code Enforcement processes lớn target the city"s most egregious offenders and aggressively prosecute nuisance establishments.Establish LGBTQ+ hate crime protections in APD"s Special Victims Unit.

Economic Recovery & GrowthSmart economic development demands a decisive, visionary leader who enjoys a strong relationship with the state economic development team. Kasim Reed is that leader và has the record lớn prove it. Addressing the opportunity gap – the pervasive inequities that sideline too many Atlantans based on their race, their class, their zip code – will be a guiding principle for Kasim Reed’s Administration. Here are the vi xử lý core elements of Kasim’s economic development plan:

Expand success obtained by Invest Atlanta & recruit more companies to lớn Atlanta.Ensure that economic development incentives are transparent and accountable, so that we know our tax dollars are actually creating new jobs and affordable housing.Encourage Atlanta’s Fortune 500 companies lớn create good paying jobs for those without college degrees.Entrepreneurship to lớn Enterprise: Grooming Atlanta’s most promising tech, product, and service start-ups and growing them into global powerhouses by using private sector mentorship & investment.Expand Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), doubling the city’s investment.Create a youth coding academy, khổng lồ train and place Atlantans in entry cấp độ software careers.Work with Atlanta’s public institutions of higher learning, including Georgia State, Georgia Tech, & Atlanta Metropolitan, as well as the AUC & Emory University to expand access to college and college classes for APS students.Partner with Atlanta labor unions khổng lồ establish và expand apprenticeships/vocational training programs.Match 50,000 Atlantans with checking accounts, giving them access to lớn banking services & expanding financial literacy.

During his eight years as Mayor, Invest Atlanta helped create more than 33,000 jobs through economic development và community revitalization programs. Seventeen major companies moved their regional headquarters to Atlanta or announced a headquarters expansion in the City, such as NCR, Porsche, Merchants e-Solutions, GE Digital & Global Payments. These major business relocations và expansions have created more than 10,000 new jobs. Invest Atlanta programs injected more than $5 billion into Atlanta’s economy, through direct and leveraged investments. At the same time we invest those public funds into economic development, we also need lớn ensure that they are being used lớn create the jobs and opportunity for which they were given. Recent stories about Fulton County’s development authority have highlighted the problems caused by inadequate transparency và accountability for public incentives – we can and must bởi better.

Affordable HousingThere are many reasons we love to hotline Atlanta home, as do the thousands of people moving here every year. As that growth and development occurs, we need lớn fight to ensure that Atlanta remains affordable for the people who have long called it home, as well as the people who work hard every day to keep our doors open. Here are the core elements of Kasim’s plan to ensure affordability & workforce housing throughout the City:

Conduct a city-wide audit of the area’s current affordable housing digest, ensuring that current affordability commitments are being met.Create Atlanta’s first-ever Office of Anti-Displacement.Make better use of currently owned public land.Layer units khổng lồ help both low và middle-income households.Build housing for middle income thành phố employees, including public safety officers and teachers, so they can live in the town they serve.Double the number of affordable units near MARTA stations without jeopardizing or destabilizing historic single-family neighborhoods.

We need to lớn better leverage current public real estate assets, particularly the properties owned by the Atlanta Housing Authority and MARTA, and leverage the federal dollars available lớn expand affordable, transit-oriented housing options. We need lớn layer the affordable units so that we have options khổng lồ serve low-income households earning up to 60% of area median income, while also supporting middle-income households that earn up to lớn 100% of median income.

A good example from Kasim’s prior term is the partnership with the Atlanta Police Foundation called Secure Neighborhoods. That program offers sworn Atlanta Police Department officers affordable options & incentives lớn purchase a home that has been renovated or built from the ground up in English Avenue, Vine City, và Pittsburgh. That program aids in officer retention, helps reknit the fabric of those communities, and ensures that the people who serve our đô thị can afford to live in it as well.

We have to create more workforce housing that serves this middle-income market, allowing teachers, police officers, firefighters, và other city employees to live where they work. With a focus on public-private partnerships, we can help double the number of affordable units at or near MARTA stations from 1,500 completed, under construction or in planning, to lớn over 3,000.

At the same time, we vì not need lớn sacrifice what makes Atlanta special – like our historic in-town neighborhoods – if we take intentional steps lớn create affordability & density in areas that can tư vấn and welcome it. We’ll use warning metrics, lượt thích water & utility disruption, lớn identify legacy residents that need additional tư vấn to maintain their homes. We have been told we either need khổng lồ choose affordability or historic & community preservation, but that’s a false choice that Kasim rejects.

Atlanta has taken solid steps to lớn create and preserve long-term affordability, but we know we must bởi vì more. Displacement does not have khổng lồ be the inevitable result of economic growth và neighborhood change. With intentional policies khổng lồ protect lower income residents, they can stay & access the benefits of improved housing, job opportunities, và access lớn transit.

Infrastructure và TransportationMayor Reed’s leadership resulted in significant progress building out the Atlanta Beltline, new & improved coverage for MARTA’s transit network in the City, four successful referenda to lớn fund water/sewer and transportation infrastructure, và the largest expansion of public transit in MARTA’s 40-year history. Despite the $250 million injection of infrastructure spending from Renew Atlanta và $300 million from the TSPLOST, Atlanta’s infrastructure backlog continues to need $1 billion in fixes. Kasim is proud of the progress we made together, but anyone who has been stuck in traffic or has damaged their oto on a pothole knows there is more khổng lồ do. Here are the core elements of Kasim’s plan lớn get Atlanta moving again:

Re-establish timely tracking and repair of potholes & pave/resurface every major thoroughfare that is plagued with potholes.Coordinate with our federal, state, và regional partners to enhance MARTA, with a data-driven, equitable approach.Repair & overhaul Atlanta’s storm drainage system và eliminate excessive street flooding.Clear Atlanta’s sidewalk repair backlog và improve pedestrian mobility, particularly in transit corridors.Expand functionality of Beltline by prioritizing và developing clear funding sources for Beltline rail.Create the foundation for a light rail connecting the Clifton Corridor -- Lindbergh, Emory & the CDC.Update the City’s building code to require sustainable electric infrastructure.Work lớn eliminate the $1 billion infrastructure backlog và overhaul Atlanta’s public works procurement & contract implementation.

Our roads frankly have an embarrassing number of potholes that go unrepaired for too long. We need to bởi a better job of understanding where they are, what’s causing them và holding city Hall accountable for fixing them promptly.

Kasim has the state và national relationships to ensure that we can best leverage our local funds to attract billions more in federal investment, particularly considering the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plans.

More MARTA is one of Kasim’s proudest legacy accomplishments from his prior term, and an important example of why Atlanta needs a mayor with direct & deep relationships with the State. For too long, incessant bickering & NIMBYism in the region has paralyzed new transit funding proposals & kept Atlanta from expanding MARTA, even within the City. But in 2016, we broke that log-jam. We partnered with MARTA’s leadership team & persuaded the State khổng lồ give the thành phố the right khổng lồ pursue its own ½ cent sales tax, now known as More MARTA, to lớn begin to address the strong demand in the đô thị for more transit options, và then lớn pass the referendum.

Kasim will continue khổng lồ implement & improve upon the More MARTA plan, using a balanced & information-based approach khổng lồ funding and construction decisions, và maximizing our ability to lớn attract federal matching funds. Kasim will appoint diverse members khổng lồ the MARTA Board of Directors who will work with our partners lớn lead, exercise independent judgement, and enhance MARTA.

Internally, we need lớn overhaul how Atlanta awards & monitors infrastructure spending. There are too many stories of late from contractors & civic organizations frustrated khổng lồ the point of exhaustion with how long it takes khổng lồ award contracts to vì vital work, and then to lớn ensure that the work is timely done & paid for. We’re losing competition on our bids, & thus paying higher prices, because of the delay và bureaucratic inefficiencies. Kasim will partner with Atlanta’s corporate sector khổng lồ implement best procurement practices, so that infrastructure investments can be made in transparent, timely, & accountable ways.

Responsible Fiscal ManagementRevenues for the city of Atlanta đứng top $2 billion dollars annually. Approximately one-third of that revenue is generated through property taxes. In seven years of balanced budgets and growing cash reserves, Kasim did not raise property taxes one time. Homeowners shouldn’t disproportionately bear the brunt of funding the thành phố government. Revenue sources should be diverse, equitable, and reflect the value generated. Kasim has balanced our budget before without raising property taxes, và here’s how he plans to bởi it again:

Replenish the reserve.Restore the City’s AA credit rating.Balance the city’s budget khổng lồ match actual revenue received.Keep property taxes low, while continuing alternate revenue streams.Streamline grant disbursement và process provider payments monthly.Update the city’s procurement process & eliminate waste, fraud, và abuse.

We should return to lớn the sound fiscal stewardship Kasim consistently delivered in the past. We must balance the budget and replenish our reserve funds, so we are prepared for any crises. These steps will help Atlanta’s credit rating, saving us money on priority projects. A comprehensive đánh giá of our procurement policies will save money by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse, along with expediting project delivery. These prudent fiscal measures will make Atlanta an even better place to live, work, & raise a family.

There are approximately 500,000 residents in the đô thị of Atlanta, but the weekday daytime population swells lớn over 1 million. Commuters & visitors put a significant strain on our infrastructure & city services. Through sales taxes, parking taxes, hotel-motel fees, rental car fees và development impact fees, the đô thị has diversified its revenue streams. Special taxes like the Municipal Option Sales Tax (MOST), which will generate approximately $750 million over its four-year life through a 1 penny sales tax, và TSPLOST for transportation further expand our tax base.

HomelessnessThe thành phố of Atlanta is one of only two municipalities in the State of Georgia that has met the federal benchmarks và criteria for creating an effective over to homelessness for veterans. Meeting the criteria for each benchmark, phối by USICH, means Atlanta has created a system và capacity to quickly identify và house veterans experiencing homelessness.

While this is a tremendous achievement, homelessness continues to be an issue in our city, & we must vị more. We remain sympathetic to the plight of these individuals, but we must be mindful of the harm they are doing to lớn themselves because of their exposure lớn the elements. Doing all we can lớn get shelter for these folks will improve their lives, & the lives of all Atlantans. I remain committed to using the necessary đô thị resources to help them in the most compassionate ways possible. Here are the ways we will demonstrate our compassion & ensure that we vì not leave anyone behind:

Work with local faith-based institutions khổng lồ increase the amount of no-barrier shelter space.Coordinate with food banks & other charities khổng lồ make sure hot meals are available.Partner with Grady, Worksource Atlanta and community stakeholders khổng lồ expand wraparound services.Protect significant sub-categories, such as HOPWA và the city’s unsheltered youth.Work with local businesses on job training và placements.Establish family shelters so parents aren’t separated from their children.Improve police training on dealing with these individuals khổng lồ help them off the streets & into shelters.Follow through on our plans to lớn improve the economy & increase affordable housing to create jobs and homes.

Sustainability & Green SpaceUnder Kasim’s leadership, the đô thị of Atlanta emerged as a national & international leader in sustainability, including major expansions of public greenspace. We can pick the mantle up và continue our forward progress. Here’s how:

Continue khổng lồ expand and improve Atlanta’s parks, community farms & greenspace.Reduce the number of gas-powered vehicles in the city’s fleet.Update the City’s building code lớn require sustainable electric infrastructure và passive solar thiết kế techniques.Partner with the City’s restaurants và food banks to lớn divert food waste away from landfills.Add more charging stations at Hartsfield-Jackson & other appropriate locations.Encourage more green office space.Continue flood mitigation efforts in affected locations.

While Kasim was Mayor, the Department of Parks và Recreation acquired an additional 171 acres of land in the thành phố of Atlanta, including 15 new parks, serving as the largest greenspace accessibility percentage jump in more than 40 years, và Atlanta emerged as a national và international leader in sustainability. Atlanta was the first city in Georgia to lớn pass a Climate action Plan & was ranked first in the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge with over 100 million square feet of space in over 550 buildings.

Perhaps most significantly for Atlanta’s future sustainability & resilience, Kasim led the effort that invested $321 million dollars into creating the Bellwood Quarry Reservoir in what will soon mở cửa as Westside Park, Atlanta’s largest park. This massive infrastructure project allows water from the Chattahoochee River to lớn be channeled to the quarry site providing Atlanta a 30-day supply of drinking water.

Sustainability is critical to Atlanta’s future. Kasim understood that in năm 2016 when Atlanta became a member of the Rockefeller Foundation"s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative (100RC), and when he appointed the city’s first Chief Resilience Officer và created the Resilient Atlanta strategy. Although some progress has been made, there is much to do. Kasim will re-energize the Office of Resilience and move with urgency on the recommendations in our report.

Arts, Culture và EntertainmentWe are blessed lớn have many wonderful attractions here in Atlanta. Not only vì they serve lớn entertain & enhance life for our residents, they also serve as a magnet for national and international travelers. From the fabulous Fox Theatre lớn the High Museum, majestic Mercedes-Benz Stadium to State Farm Arena, the moving of Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park to the Carter Center, our thành phố offers an unparalleled variety of cultural, historical, và sporting attractions. As mayor, Kasim will use these and other sites as a springboard to lớn make Atlanta the Cultural Gateway to lớn the US.

Great cities have great art. Lớn that end, Kasim will invest even more in expanding & supporting the arts community in Atlanta. We will create the Arte Noir Atlanta and base it in Castleberry Hill. It will feature film festivals, local và international visual artists, và will have an educational component in conjunction with APS. We will also tư vấn and grow cultural events like our annual Pride Weekends. There is much khổng lồ be proud of in Atlanta, and we are going khổng lồ show it off lớn the world.

Continue working with our partners at the State level, as well as the film và TV industry, to lớn bring more production projects to Atlanta.Attract more major sporting events lớn our city – Super Bowls, Final Fours, and NBA All-Star Weekends.Support our annual Pride weekends, the largest gatherings of LGBTQ+ & allies in the Southeast.Make Castleberry Hill the trang chủ of Arte Noir Atlanta, the cultural center of the city.Partner with film studios lớn develop an academy or accreditation program for Atlanta residents who want khổng lồ pursue film careers.Arte Noir Atlanta Ed - Work with APS to lớn expand arts, music, and film curriculum & expand magnet schools focusing on the arts.

Equality, Equity, & InclusionRecognizing the economic power and diversity in Atlanta, Mayor Maynard Jackson made shared prosperity a foundation of thành phố contracting. We can learn from that approach và lean into local workforce development lớn reach at-risk high school students và help them see a future where they are working and thriving.

Ensure hate crimes are properly investigated và prosecuted as such.Work with local businesses on mentorship programs for at-risk youth.Increase funding for the highly successful Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI).Make Atlanta an attractive city for all cultures lớn work, worship, study và raise a family.Increased tư vấn for LGBTQ+ small & micro businesses.Properly manage federal HOPWA funds và provider disbursements.Equal pay and equal opportunity for LGBTQ+ employees at all levels và areas of đô thị government.Establish LGBTQ+ hate crime protections in APD"s Special Victims Unit.

To ensure equitable growth, the đô thị must invest in parts of the city & people that have historically been left out of the discussion. Our investments in Peoplestown, Proctor Creek, and large swaths of northwest Atlanta are a prime example of this philosophy, which we will continue in other underserved areas.

Another major investment Kasim spearheaded was Welcoming Atlanta, to lớn ensure that our immigrant và refugee neighbors are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our communities to build a multicultural đô thị that attracts families & businesses from around the world. Today, metropolitan Atlanta boasts the second-fastest growing foreign-born population in the United States. The issues around income inequality are no longer Black và White.

We will work to lớn revitalize the NPU structures created by Mayor Maynard Jackson, so that all of our neighborhoods feel lượt thích they have a voice in how our city is being run. We will also build on the City’s recent experiment of participatory budgeting so that we devote meaningful resources to lớn community initiatives and democratically empower our communities khổng lồ decide for themselves what their priorities are.

Finally, Kasim will build on the tremendous success of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative (WEI), the only city-funded initiative of its kind in the nation. The initiative empowers emerging women entrepreneurs with access to the critical assets, capital, và resources necessary khổng lồ launch, grow & sustain their businesses.

Ethics and TransparencyKasim is 100% committed to building the public’s trust & faith in Atlanta city government, & understands that begins with the mayor. Kasim supports the current city Council’s legislation to lớn create an Office of Inspector General và will give full support to that office và respect its independence. Additionally, if he receives the privilege of serving as mayor again, he will implement additional measures khổng lồ ensure that ethics remain at the center of the administration. Give full support to the Office of Inspector General & respect its independence.

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Financial background screening of all senior-level hires.Enhanced transparency & disclosure – publication of tax returns for himself và members of his senior team.Quarterly ethics training for the Mayor"s cabinet and senior team.Incorporate an ethics council into the Office of the Mayor.
—Kasim Reed"s chiến dịch website (2021)<8>