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LabelChestWaistBack length
PUMA jerseys và shirts
S94-98 cm88-94 cm71-72 cm
M100-106 cm96-100 cm73-75 cm
L108-114 cm102-108 cm76-77 cm
XL116-122 cm110-116 cm79-80 cm
XXL124-130 cm118-124 cm81-83 cm
3XL132-134 cm126-132 cm84-85 cm
4XL136-142 cm134-140 cm86 cm
5XL144-150 cm142-148 cm87 cm
PUMA pullover
S102 cm90 cm69-70 cm
M108 cm96 cm71-72 cm
L116 cm104 cm73-75 cm
XL124 cm112 cm76-77 cm
XXL132 cm120 cm78-80 cm
3XL136-140 cm128 cm81-82 cm
PUMA jackets
S106-110 cm96-100 cm67-69 cm
M112-118 cm102-108 cm70-72 cm
L120-126 cm110-116 cm73-74 cm
XL128-134 cm118-124 cm75-76 cm
XXL136-140 cm126-130 cm77-79 cm
T-shirts & sweaters
S100-102 cm98 cm68 cm
M104-106 cm104 cm71 cm
L110-114 cm112 cm74 cm
XL115-122 cm120 cm75 cm
XXL120-130 cm128 cm78 cm
3XL132-136 cm136 cm79-81 cm
S102-108 cm80-96 cm -
M108-114 cm96-110 cm -
L114-120 cm110-116 cm -
XL120-126 cm116-122 cm -
XXL126-132 cm122-128 cm -
3XL132-138 cm128-134 cm -
LabelSide lengthWidth
PUMA pants
S103 cm49 cm
M105 cm51 cm
L107 cm55 cm
XL109 cm59 cm
XXL112 cm63 cm
3XL114 cm67 cm
PUMA shorts
S46-47 cm50-52 cm
M48-49 cm53-56 cm
L50-51 cm57-60 cm
XL52-53 cm61-64 cm
XXL54 cm65-68 cm
3XL55 cm69-72 cm

PUMA jerseys & shirts
XS80-86 cm81 cm
S88-90 cm84 cm
M92-96 cm90 cm
L98-100 cm96 cm
XL102-106 cm102 cm
XXL108-110 cm107 cm
3XL112 cm109 cm
S84 cm76 cm
M88 cm80 cm
L92 cm84 cm
XL97 cm95 cm
XXL102 cm94 cm
S95 cm90 cm
M102 cm94 cm
L106 cm98 cm
XL110 cm102-103 cm
XXL114 cm106-108 cm
S84-90 cm76-82 cm
M90-98cm82-88 cm
L98-104 cm88-94 cm
XL104-110 cm94-100 cm
XXL110-116 cm100-110 cm

LabelChestWaistBack length
PUMA jerseys và shirts
5644 cm44 cm28 cm
6248 cm48 cm30 cm
6852 cm52 cm32 cm
7456 cm56 cm34 cm
8060 cm60 cm36 cm
8662 cm62 cm38 cm
9261 cm -41 cm
10466 cm -44 cm
11671-74 cm -47-49 cm
12876-80 cm -50-52 cm
14081-86 cm -53-57 cm
15287-90 cm -58-62 cm
16492-94 cm -63-67 cm
17694-96 cm -68-70 cm
PUMA pullover
11671 cm -49 cm
12876 cm -52 cm
14081 cm -55 cm
15288 cm -60 cm
16495 cm -65 cm
176100 cm -68 cm
PUMA jackets
12882 cm -51 cm
14087 cm -55 cm
15294 cm -60 cm
164101 cm -65 cm
176104 cm -69 cm
T-shirts và sweaters
11674 cm72 cm48 cm
12878-80 cm76 cm50 cm
14082-86 cm80 cm54 cm
15288-92 cm86 cm58 cm
16494-98 cm92 cm62 cm
176100 cm98 cm64 cm
LabelSide lengthWidth
PUMA pants
12874 cm37 cm
14083 cm40 cm
15291 cm43 cm
16499 cm46 cm
176100 cm48 cm
PUMA shorts
12832 cm39 cm
14034 cm42 cm
15237 cm45 cm
16439 cm48 cm
17642-44 cm49 cm

Place the measuring tape around the strongest part of your chest, keeping the measuring tape parallel to lớn the floor.

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Place the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your waist and keep the measuring tape parallel khổng lồ the floor around your body.