rich rich (rĭch) adjectivericher, richest1. Possessing great material wealth: "Now that he was rich he was not thought ignorant any more, but simply eccentric" (Mavis Gallant). 2. Having great worth or value: a rich harvest of grain. 3. Magnificent; sumptuous: a rich brocade. 4. a. Having an abundant supply: rich in ideas. B. Abounding, especially in natural resources: rich land.5. Meaningful & significant: "a rich sense of the transaction between writer & reader" (William Zinsser). 6. Very productive & therefore financially profitable: rich seams of coal. 7. a. Containing a large amount of choice ingredients, such as butter, sugar, or eggs, và therefore unusually heavy or sweet: a rich dessert. B. Having or exuding a strong or pungent aroma: "Texas air is so rich you can nourish off it lượt thích it was food" (Edna Ferber).8. a. Pleasantly full & mellow: a rich tenor voice. B. Warm và strong in color: a rich brown velvet.9. Containing a large proportion of fuel to air: a rich gas mixture. 10. Informal. Highly amusing. Noun(used with a pl. Verb )Wealthy people considered as a group. Often used with the: "Were there, indeed, a sure appeal khổng lồ the mercies of the rich, the calamities of the poor might be less intolerable" (Charlotte Smith). richʹly adverb richʹness nounSynonyms: rich, affluent, flush, loaded, moneyed, wealthy. The central meaning shared by these adjectives is "having an abundant supply of money, property, or possessions of value": a rich philanthropist; an affluent banker; a speculator flush with cash; not merely rich but loaded; moneyed aristocrats; wealthy corporations.Antonyms: poor.

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richrich(adj) wealthy, well-off, affluent, prosperous, well-heeled (informal), loaded (slang), moneyed, well-to-doantonym: poorironic, amusing, irritating, annoying, ridiculous, unlikely opulent, gorgeous, plush (informal), lush, luxuriant, precious, splendid, valuable, expensive, ornate, costly, fineantonym: shabbyfull, abounding, plentiful, loaded (slang), stuffed, heavy, drippingantonym: lackingfertile, abundant, plentiful, productive, fruitful, lush, full, prolificantonym: infertileheavy, indigestible, calorific, cloying, unhealthy, creamy, buttery, fatty, sweetantonym: lightintense, deep, strong, full, powerful, vivid, resonant, full-bodiedantonym: weak