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1. Market of Nations event Series Rise of Kingdoms will soon be celebrating its anniversary festival khổng lồ honor past achievements, crowning glories, và Moments of Celebration khổng lồ which all governors are invited! The Market of Nations will thus open at the appointed hour with a host of exciting activities: 1) Anniversary Festival Shop: Win Anniversary Coins from events and exchange them for amazing gifts! 2) Alliance Quiz: Who is the smartest governor of them all? 3) Sign-in Spoils: Sign in for rewards including an exclusive festive reward! 4) Your RoK Yearbook: Revisit a year full of memories & noteworthy achievements. 5) Circus of Wonders: Behold the incredible Circus of Wonders & win prizes from the Amazing Parrot Brothers Goldayne and Fogsworth! (Only available lớn kingdoms over 21 days old) 6) Desert Tracks: Discover the treasures the camels have brought from distant lands! (Only available lớn kingdoms over 21 days old) 7) Festive Delights: Collect Recipes to run an outstanding stall in the Market of Nations. 8) Treasure Hunt: Use parchment maps to guide your scouts khổng lồ hidden treasure. 9) Arms Training: Challenge an Armsmaster Lohar who gets stronger with each battle! How long can you last? 10) Thief Catcher: Repel the Treasure Outlaws for rewards. 11) Zenith of Power: Gain Power to win a brand new thành phố theme! 12) Strange Incidents: The villagers are in trouble—and you're their only hope! 13) Great Gathering: 7 days of questing for great rewards! See the event Calendar for a detailed schedule. 2. Anniversary Grand Prix Rise up! United for glory! The first ever Rise of Kingdoms Anniversary Grand Prix is about lớn begin. Sound the war horns và take lớn the battlefield. Who will take the crown? You are cordially invited khổng lồ watch this spectacular tournament! 1) 16 teams will compete, starting with the Round of 16 & going through khổng lồ the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and the Grand Final. Who will emerge victorious? 2) Competitors have a chance to lớn win prizes such as the Anniversary Grand Prix Champion's Ring, the Anniversary Grand Prix đô thị Theme, gift cards, and other great rewards. 3. Season of Conquest Story "Heroic Anthem - Treasury of Heroes" Pioneer sự kiện Launch Kingdoms currently in Season of Conquest have the chance khổng lồ be the first khổng lồ play the all new "Heroic Anthem - Treasury of Heroes" Story as a Pioneer event! Governors taking part in this Pioneer sự kiện will gain Pioneer rewards và participation rewards on đứng đầu of the standard rewards! 1) New alliance gameplay: Governors can join alliances belonging khổng lồ any kingdom in their camp and fight alongside them at any time! 2) New alliance-based Crusader Achievements: Complete their requirements to gain amazing rewards.

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3) New 3-day Immigration Period: During the Immigration Period, governors can apply lớn immigrate to lớn any kingdom in the same Lost Kingdom as them. Upon approval, you can immigrate to lớn the new kingdom at a cost of fewer Passport Pages compared lớn regular immigration.