Gain fluency và confidence in math! helps students master essential skills at their own pace through fun & interactive questions, built in support, and motivating awards.

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Pre-K See all 135 skills

Includes: |Learn khổng lồ count - up lớn 3|Count using stickers - up khổng lồ 5|Above and below|Classify & sort by shape|Shape patterns|Name the shape|Pennies và nickels

Includes: Counting with stickers|Ten frames|Number basics|Same và different|Shape patterns|More or fewer|Circles, squares, triangles|Above & below

Kindergarten See all 256 skills

Includes: |Skip-count by tens|Squares|Subtract - numbers up khổng lồ 10|Make a number using addition - sums up to 5|Counting on the hundred chart

Includes: Counting up khổng lồ 100|Skip-counting|Addition & subtraction with pictures|Length & height|Positions|Sides và corners|Sorting objects|Solid shapes

First grade See all 265 skills

Includes: |Place value models up to 20|Subtract multiples of ten|Select three-dimensional shapes|Equal parts - halves và fourths

Includes: Addition and subtraction fluency|Introduction lớn place value|Addition and subtraction word problems|Telling time with analog and digital clocks|Equal parts

Second grade See all 306 skills

Includes: |Add & subtract numbers up to 100|Measure using an inch ruler|Identify a digit up lớn the hundreds place|Create line plots|Number lines - up to 100

Includes: Adding và subtracting two-digit numbers|Creating and interpreting graphs|Comparing three-digit numbers|Place value|Even and odd|Estimation & rounding

Third grade See all 398 skills

Includes: |Multiplication tables up to lớn 10|Divide by counting equal groups|Graph fractions on number lines|Show fractions: fraction bars|Create rectangles with a given area

Includes: Multiplication models|Division strategies|Equivalent fractions|Multiplication and division fluency|Unit fractions|Area and perimeter|Units of measurement

Fourth grade See all 406 skills

Includes: |Decompose fractions into unit fractions|Multiply a 2-digit number by a larger number|Model decimals & fractions|Multi-step word problems|Classify triangles|Multi-step word problems with money: addition và subtraction only

Includes: Multiplying multi-digit numbers|Multi-step word problems|Addition and subtraction with fractions|Decimals|Factors & multiples|Angles|Triangles và quadrilaterals

Fifth grade See all 438 skills

Includes: |Graph points on a coordinate plane|Evaluate numerical expressions|Add fractions with unlike denominators|Volume of rectangular prisms made of unit cubes

Includes: Operations with decimals|Points on the coordinate plane|Adding fractions with unlike denominators|Numerical expressions|Converting measurement units|Volume

Sixth grade See all 408 skills

Includes: |Graph inequalities on number lines|Identify equivalent expressions II|Understanding integers|Ratios & rates: word problems|Graph triangles và quadrilaterals

Includes: Ratios, rates, và percents|Integers|Inequalities|Exponents|Variable expressions|Solving one-step equations|Mean, median, & mode|Polygons in the coordinate plane

Seventh grade See all 372 skills

Includes: |Multi-step problems with percents|Graph solutions to lớn two-step inequalities|Add and subtract integers|Probability of simple events

Includes: Proportional relationships|Operations with rational numbers|Two-step equations and inequalities|Area & circumference of a circle|Probability|Volume and surface area

Eighth grade See all 408 skills

Includes: |Graph a line from an equation in slope-intercept form|Pythagorean theorem: find the length of the hypotenuse|Reflections: graph the image|Identify trends with scatter plots|Checkpoint: Compare functions

Includes: Linear functions|Reflections, rotations, translations, & dilations|Systems of linear equations|Pythagorean theorem|Scatter plots|Scientific notation|Square roots

Algebra 1 See all 402 skills

Includes: |Solve a system of equations by graphing|Match quadratic functions and graphs|Solve equations: complete the solution|Graph a two-variable linear inequality

Includes: Graphs of linear functions|Domain và range|Quadratic equations|Exponential growth và decay|Direct và inverse variation|Systems of linear inequalities

Geometry See all 298 skills

Includes: |Prove similarity statements|Construct a perpendicular line|SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS Theorems|Special right triangles|Law of Cosines|Triangles and bisectors|Checkpoint: Definitions of geometric objects

Includes: Proofs about parallel lines|Congruent triangles|Law of Cosines|Circles in the coordinate plane|Trigonometric ratios|Similar shapes|Constructions with angles

Algebra 2 See all 355 skills

Includes: |Match polynomials and graphs|Graph sine và cosine functions|Transformations of functions|Graph a discrete probability distribution|Find the foci of an ellipse

Includes: Logarithms|Adding và subtracting rational expressions|Factors of polynomials|Trigonometric functions|Function transformations|Probability distributions

Precalculus See all 294 skills

Includes: |Solve matrix equations using inverses|Absolute values of complex numbers|Add vectors|Find probabilities using the normal distribution I|Radians and arc length

Includes: Sequences & series|Matrix operations|Equations in polar form|Vectors in two or three dimensions|Conic sections|Complex numbers|Binomial theorem|Confidence intervals

Calculus See all 109 skills

Includes: |Determine if a limit exists|Make a piecewise function continuous|Find tangent lines using implicit differentiation|Velocity as a rate of change|Intermediate Value Theorem

Includes: Limits|Real-Time functions|Derivatives và rates of change|Product và quotient rules|Equations of tangent lines|Higher derivatives|Implicit differentiation


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