Romantic rejection is brutal enough — now, imagine if your date could literally send you plummeting through a trapdoor if they felt lượt thích things weren’t going well.

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That’s basically the premise of “The Love Trap,” a new British dating show that’s going viral for the dramatic way it eliminates contestants.

In a video from the show shared by Twitter user Bec Shaw, eligible bachelor David Birtwistle has to decide which of three women khổng lồ send home.

When he picks the woman in the middle, J’Harie, a trapdoor opens beneath her feet, & she falls through a hole in the floor and disappears, leaving everyone stunned.

Birtwistle's reaction is all of us watching this clip. Channel 4Why the trapdoor? It’s all tied to the basic premise of the show, in which a group of women compete for the affections of one man. Some of the women are single và genuinely looking for love, but others are secretly already in relationships and are pretending khổng lồ be single khổng lồ win money và advance through the competition.

Birtwistle — who was also a contestant on the Netflix dating series “Too Hot lớn Handle” — has khổng lồ figure out which women are telling the truth và which women are “love traps.”

As it turns out, J’Harie was a “love trap.” A follow-up interview with her revealed that a) she had survived her sheer drop & b) she had been in a relationship for six years, & was doing the show so that she & her partner could afford a mortgage.

Reactions lớn the show’s outrageous premise were swift and hilarious. Jimmy Fallon shared a video of J’Harie’s trapdoor elimination on “The Tonight Show” recently, joking that “it’s just like ‘The Bachelor,’ but instead of being escorted out in a limo, they were taken away in an ambulance.”



“Dating show but make it Squid Game,” another Twitter user joked.

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Others couldn’t quite believe the show is actually real, with one Twitter user asking, “How is this not a 30 Rock bit?” và another tweeting, “How is this not an SNL sketch?!”

Someone else had a dark, funny idea for a tie-in khổng lồ another dating show và tweeted about how "awesome" it would be if the contestant fell "into the mix of The Bachelor và kept her game going.”

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