How can you book a UK cruise that includes a visit to a historic cider mill?

From the rolling hills of Kent to the rugged coastlines of Cornwall, the United Kingdom teems with history, culture, and natural beauty. But did you know that you could soak in these captivating sights, while drifting along the waterways on a luxurious cruise?

Not only do these cruises offer panoramic views of picturesque towns and lush countryside from the comfort of your deck, but they also often include guided tours to charming destinations. One such intriguing detour that stands out is the visit to a historic cider mill, where you can uncover the rich history of cider-making – a tradition that dates back several centuries in the UK.

This article will guide you through the process of how to book a UK cruise that includes a visit to a historic cider mill, from selecting the perfect tour to understanding what your day will entail during your visit.

Selecting the Right Cruise for Your Interests

When choosing a cruise, you'll want to consider what interests you most. Are you drawn toward the rustic allure of ancient isles, or do you prefer the bustling energy of port cities? Perhaps you're a history buff eager to delve into the past, or maybe you're a foodie looking to explore the UK's culinary landscape.

Whatever your passion, you'll find a cruise that caters to it. Numerous cruise companies offer themed tours. For cider enthusiasts, a cruise that includes a visit to a cider mill would be a perfect pick. You can find these by scouring through the itineraries of several cruises or by searching with specific keywords like "UK cruise with cider mill visit."

Booking Your Cruise

Once you've identified the cruise of your choice, the next step is to secure your booking. The booking process can usually be completed online, via the cruise company's website. Here, you can select your preferred dates, room type, and any additional packages.

For cruises that include a cider mill visit, you might want to ensure that the mill is operational at the time of your tour. Some mills may also offer exclusive experiences like cider-making workshops which could be booked at an additional cost.

The Port Town of Your Cruise

Your cruise will likely start from a port town. This could be a bustling city like London or Southampton, or smaller towns like Dover. These port towns are worth exploring, so consider arriving a day early to discover what they have to offer. You might find a hidden gem of a museum, or a beautiful walking trail that meanders for miles.

Your Day at the Cider Mill

The day that you have been waiting for will soon arrive! You will be shuttled from the cruise ship to the cider mill, where a tour guide will take you through the process of cider making.

The luscious aroma of apples will envelop you as you step into the mill. Here, depending on the time of year, you might see apples being harvested, washed, crushed, and pressed. The tour will likely end with a tasting session, where you can sample a variety of ciders – from traditional still cider to modern sparkling varieties.

Deluxe Experiences on Your Cruise

Apart from the cider mill visit, your cruise will offer a plethora of delightful experiences. You could spend your time chilling on the sun deck, enjoying the breathtaking views of the UK's landscape. You might choose to join a guided city tour, exploring historic sites or shopping at local markets. Or perhaps, you might prefer to stay onboard, enjoying the deluxe facilities of the cruise – from gourmet dining to spa treatments.

Booking a tour that includes a visit to a historic cider mill is more than just a cruise – it's an immersive journey into the cultural fabric of the UK. From the moment you step foot on the ship, until the day you disembark, every experience is designed to give you a deeper appreciation for the region's rich history and traditions. So go ahead and book your cruise – a world of discovery awaits!

Choosing Your Cabin and Deck Level

Once you've decided on your cruise itinerary and selected your dates, you'll be taken to the next stage of your booking – choosing your cabin, also referred to as a stateroom. The stateroom deck you choose can greatly enhance your cruising experience.

Most cruise ships offer a variety of cabin types, including interior, ocean view, balcony, and suites. The suite deck, which houses the ship's most luxurious accommodations, is often the most sought after. It offers spacious rooms with separate living areas, private balconies, and often, personalised services. It's not uncommon for the suite deck and the prestige stateroom, with their superior amenities, to be fully booked well in advance.

The price of your cruise is primarily determined by the cabin category you select, with the price passenger rate rising from interior cabins to suites. The availability price varies depending on the time of year, length of the cruise, and how early you book. If you're looking for a Ponant bonus or discount, it's worth keeping an eye on the cruise line's website or subscribing to their newsletter.

It's essential to book prestige cabins as early as possible, due to their popularity. Remember to view the video floorplan of your chosen cabin on the cruise line's website before you book. It will give you a clear idea of what to expect from your onboard accommodation.

Exploring the British Isles and Enjoying Your Free Time

Embarking on a cruise that includes a visit to a historic cider mill offers a unique opportunity to explore the British Isles' cultural heritage. But apart from the guided tours and excursions, you'll also enjoy ample free time to explore at your own pace.

While at sea, make sure to wear comfortable clothing to enjoy the ship's amenities. From swimming pools and spas to fitness centres and entertainment venues – there's something for every floorplan person or traveller onboard.

Additionally, you can spend your downtime on the deck book in hand, soaking in the panoramic views. The ship's library usually has a wide selection of books and magazines catering to various interests. Or, if you're more of a social butterfly, you can mingle with fellow passengers at one of the bars or lounges.

When the ship docks at a port, you'll find local attractions often within walking distance. You might stumble upon a charming cafe, visit a boutique shop, or even explore a local market. Remember, part of the joy of cruising is the freedom to do as much or as little as you want.


A cruise around the UK that includes a visit to a historic cider mill is a unique blend of relaxation, discovery, and cultural immersion. From the moment you step on-board your cruise ship and select your stateroom deck, to the time you spend exploring the cider mill and the British Isles, every experience is designed to be memorable. Whether you prefer the comfort and luxury of a deluxe suite, the convenience of a prestige stateroom, or the affordable charm of an interior cabin, the choice is yours. Just remember to book prestige cabins early as they are often quickly booked prestige by discerning travellers. With such an array of experiences on offer, it's no wonder that such tours are often deck fully booked. So get ready, pack your bags, and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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